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The Value of Working with a Cruise Expert


While the Internet has made a wealth of cruise information available to anyone who has time to search for it, when it comes to booking a cruise it pays to work with a professional cruise travel expert.


Selecting and booking a cruise vacation is fun, but it’s detailed and often complicated. Whether you are taking your first cruise or your tenth, consulting with a cruise travel expert makes it easier and less time-consuming to work through the details. An expert can answer all of your questions, help you narrow down your options and find ways for you to stay within your budget. Many cruise travel professionals also have lots of experience as cruise passengers, and their personal knowledge of cruise lines, ships and destinations can be invaluable.


Some of the cruise vacation decisions and details you’ll want to discuss with a cruise travel expert include:

Cruise Line. Different cruise lines have different characteristics – some cater to sophisticated tastes, some to adventure lovers, some to families, some to those who want to dance the night away, every night. Talk about what you want to do while on board – are the athletic facilities, entertainment choices, learning programs, spa facilities, dining options or stateroom amenities important to you?


Cruise Ship. Each cruise line operates a fleet, and the ships can vary significantly in size, style and amenities. Again, talk about the kind of onboard experience you’re looking for.

Itinerary. Whether you start with a specific destination or specific dates in mind, a cruise expert can help you narrow down the multitude of choices. For example, if you want to go to Alaska, you can’t cruise there in January!

Shore Excursions. A cruise expert can help you select memorable onshore experiences that match your interests and budget.


Dining Options. Many ships offer everything from traditional dining rooms to gourmet specialty restaurants. Your cruise expert can familiarize you with the options on your ship and may be able to make your dinner reservations for you.


Spa Treatments. Cruise ship spa appointments tend to fill quickly. Your cruise expert can help you select special treatments and, in some cases, book them in advance.


Special Offers. Cruise travel professionals have access to the latest special offers for discounts, shipboard credits and complimentary "extras.” Quite simply, they can get you the best price for the cruise you want.


Price, as mentioned above, is an important factor. But don’t forget that a cruise travel professional is going to be worth more even more when you consider all the intangibles they are providing to you. Their expertise and time-saving work will make your entire vacation planning experience even better than you might have dreamed.