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Amazing Cruise Cuisine Requires Extensive Grocery List


One of the most-anticipated aspects of a cruise vacation is all of the wonderful food on board. Cruise ship dining is legendary, and for good reason. You’re likely to find everything from favorites like cheeseburgers and fries to innovative gourmet dishes (prawns wrapped in pancetta and flamed in Armagnac, anyone?) on board. Plus, everything will be freshly made and beautifully presented by a talented culinary staff.

Most cruise ships are ready to take care of guests’ hunger pangs 24 hours a day, with a wide array of choices that range from super-healthy to deliciously decadent. Larger ships offer an increasing variety of dining venues, including traditional dining rooms, specialty restaurants, buffets, sushi bars, coffeehouses and ice cream parlors. For the ultimate in private dining, you can even call for room service.

The sheer variety of food available on a cruise ship often amazes guests, to say nothing of the quantity. One of the questions most frequently asked by cruise passengers is, "Just how much food is consumed on a cruise?" The answer may surprise you! Here is the shopping list for a 14-day cruise aboard the Celebrity Infinity, which can carry up to 2,038 guests:


Beef: 24,236 pounds
Lamb: 5,040 pounds
Pork: 7,218 pounds
Veal: 4,600 pounds
Sausage: 1,680 pounds
Chicken: 10,211 pounds
Turkey: 3,146 pounds
Fish: 13,156 pounds
Crab: 350 pounds
Lobster: 2,100 pounds
Fresh Vegetables: 25,736 pounds
Potatoes: 15,150 pounds
Fresh Fruit: 20,003
Milk: 3,260 gallons
Cream: 1,976 quarts
Ice Cream: 600 gallons
Eggs: 9,235 dozen
Sugar: 5,750 pounds
Rice: 3,800 pounds
Cereal: 1,750 pounds
Jelly: 450 pounds
Tea Bags: 2,450
Coffee: 2,458 pounds
Cookies: 1,936 pounds
Herb and Spices: 120 pounds
Wine: 3,400 bottles
Champagne: 200 bottles
Gin: 200 bottles
Vodka: 290 bottles
Whiskey: 350 bottles
Rum: 150 bottles
Sherry: 45 bottles
Liqueurs: 600 bottles
Beer: 10,100 bottles and cans


Imagine how many shopping carts that grocery list would require! Of course, it does include most everything needed for all of the thousands of meals, snacks, desserts and refreshments served on a two-week cruise.

If you follow a vegetarian, kosher, diabetic, low-fat, low-sodium, low-cholesterol, gluten-free, lactose-free or other special diet, be sure to let Cruise Holidays know. Cruise ship culinary staffs are accustomed to accommodating special requests. With advance notice, they can provide a memorable dining experience within the limitations of virtually any special diet.