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 Myth #1: Last Minute Means Greater Savings
There was a time when last minute cruises were a good deal.  This was a result of supply and demand.  Consumers are now more aware of the value of cruise vacations and the demand is at record highs.  Individuals who wait until the last minute to book cruise vacations often pay a much higher rate for their cruise fare and have the least selection to choose from for accommodations.  Some destinations, like Alaska, are often sold out months to a year in advance.  To secure preferred accommodations at the best price----book early!


 Myth #2: Lowest Prices Equal Value
This is simply not true.  Price is not the only element to consider when looking at value.  With cruising, the lowest price often means the least desirable destinations and the worst accommodations.  Many travel companies post lower-priced staterooms to attract customers without regard to how it may affect your cruise experience.  Consult your Personal Cruise Expert on how to secure the best value for your vacation.


 Myth #3: Shorter Cruises are Cheaper
It's not unusual for a four day Caribbean cruise to be less expensive than a three day.  This is because three-day itineraries usually operate over the weekend and four-days are mid-week.  This can mean fewer guests and better prices.  The same is true for longer itineraries. Pricing is based on demand.  When demand is low, so are the prices.


 Myth #4: You Can Book the Best Deals by Doing It Yourself
Doing it yourself is almost a guarantee that you'll pay too much.  You may get lucky and find some deals but without industry knowledge you may not have enough information to compare prices to find out if it is truly the best bang for your buck.  Pricing is easy to compare, but the value of each offer isn't as obvious.  Advertised prices aren't always as "all-inclusive" as they seem.  See #5 for more details.


 Myth #5: Ticket Price is Everything
The price of your cruise ticket is only one expense to consider.  There are government and destination taxes and fees, air fare, transfers, cocktails, pre- or post- night stays, tips and gratuities, wine, optional restaurants and activities, shore excursions and more to factor into the equation.  Some cruise lines include some of these elements into their cruise fare, creating a much better value for a seemingly higher fare.  Be sure you fully understand all the costs associated with your cruise package and don't be swayed by shiny offers and deals.


 Myth #6: All Cruises are Equal
While a cruise ship may seem to have a fairly standard layout, you'd be surprised at all the differences between cruise lines and their fleet.  Some are geared toward a specific age group or interest.  Some are considered luxury lines while others may be more family friendly.  Your Personal Cruise Expert can assist you in finding the best fit for you.