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Fundraising at Sea, Part II

When you look around your community, you have to agree that it is very rewarding to see the number of charitable and non-profit organizations doing great things to help make our world a better place. But fulfilling the mission of these great causes comes with a price and thereby results in the consistent need for fundraising initiatives. From bake sales to raffles to membership drives, today’s challenge is competing for what may be the same dollars.

To offer organizations a unique and fun way to raise funds, Cruise Holidays offers a fundraising opportunity that provides an organization’s donors a memorable vacation getaway while helping raise money for the organization. Whether it's a 3, 4 or 7-night cruise (or longer), they'll go to new places, see sights they've never imagined, and be served in a manner befitting royalty. And in the end, they'll associate the entire experience with you and your organization.

Because a cruise experience is nearly all-inclusive, you don't have to worry about assisting with airline and hotel reservations, arranging meals, planning activities, or seeking out entertainment options — all of it is included and packaged into one seamless experience. And apart from the pure convenience of enjoying an unforgettable cruise experience, Cruise Holidays can help you with the proper planning to raise the money your organization needs.

But how does the organization make money?
While planning a fundraising cruise is similar to handling other types of group cruises, there are some unique aspects to this market. First, Cruise Holidays will work with you to outline your fundraising objectives so we can be clear on the financial benefits. Then, we pick the best cruise to suit your organization.

Once we decide on the ship and itinerary, Cruise Holidays can then develop a financial model whereby a donation is made for each stateroom sold. You might be surprised how few staterooms are needed before the fundraising benefit kicks in, and then your organization earns a donation for every stateroom sold. The more people that come along and share in the cruise experience, the more money the organization can raise! In the end, fundraising cruises offer a fantastic vacation, while helping the organization earn valuable dollars for its cause.

Most importantly, the key to any successful fundraising cruise is letting enough people know about the vacation opportunity and the benefit to the organization. If your organization has a financial or fundraising board, Cruise Holidays can give a presentation outlining the cruise particulars, promotional efforts and potential profits. If warranted, Cruise Holidays could sponsor a cruise night for your group, which is a fun way to announce the cruise and all of its details. In addition, sending postcards, letters and e-mails are all very effective ways to communicate with potential cruisers in your group. Cruise Holidays also has marketing materials which can be personalized and used to promote the fundraising cruise.

Fundraising at sea is a terrific way for your group to raise money, have fun and develop a sense of camaraderie among your membership. Using Cruise Holidays will ensure you are dealing with a company that truly believes in giving back to the community and has the experience to make your fundraising efforts a success.