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Cruising is the Ideal Girlfriend Getaway

While any type of vacation can qualify as a girlfriend getaway, one is truly ideal: taking a cruise. Cruise lines provide fantastic entertainment and dining opportunities in beautiful surroundings: something like a floating resort. Depending on the time of year, girlfriends can cruise to destinations like the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Europe and South America. If you schedule a getaway for a long weekend, a three-day cruise to the Bahamas might be the perfect choice; if you have a week or more, you might choose to sail farther.

On a cruise, you and your girlfriends can spend as much time together or apart as you like. You might decide to enjoy the amenities of the ship as a group one day, then pursue individual activities the next. Most cruise lines can accommodate the interests of even the most diverse set of girlfriends. For example:


  • The girlfriend who loves pampering can visit the onboard spa to treat herself to a pedicure. Or, she could try something more exotic, like hot stone aroma therapy, Swedish massage, seaweed facials and more.
  • The girlfriend who can't go a day without shopping can shop at sea. Check out the cruise ship's boutiques, which offer merchandise such as cruise wear, unique jewelry and souvenirs.
  • Depending on the cruise line and ship you choose, the girlfriend who loves nightlife will find plenty of it on board. Full-size theaters present stage shows; lounges and bars often have live music or karaoke contests in the evenings. Live it up in glittering casinos and rocking discos into the wee hours.
  • The girlfriend who likes to use her vacation time for self-improvement can check out the educational offerings. She could learn to dance the cha-cha, create an ice sculpture or play a skilled game of poker. If she wants to relax on deck with a good book, the onboard library has many titles from which to choose.
  • The girlfriend who can't sit still will enjoy the ship's fitness activities. Get a workout in the fitness center with lots of equipment and scheduled classes; go to the sports decks with running tracks and golf cages; or head to the pool for recreational or lap swimming. Newer ships may even feature rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, boxing rings and surfing simulators.
  • The girlfriend with a taste for adventure can take a shore excursion when the ship docks in port. Depending on the cruise itinerary, she might have the opportunity to go whitewater rafting, scuba diving, parasailing or four-wheeling.
  • Finally, how about the girlfriend who doesn't really want to do any of the above, but just wants to sleep in? She'll love the comfortable staterooms and the breezy decks arrayed with deck chairs that are perfect for a nap.

Cruise Holidays can work with you and your girlfriends to help you select an itinerary and ship that will please everyone. To start planning your girlfriend getaway cruise, contact Cruise Holidays today.