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The Wizard of Oasis


One of my all time favorite movies is "The Wizard of Oz.”


The variation of scenes…the non-stop activity…the incredible color schemes all came into play throughout a fascinating story.  It truly was a great movie.


I recently sailed on the Oasis of the Seas, and I had another, mind-blowing "Oz” moment.  Remember the part in the movie where the house had just touched down after the tornado, and Dorothy stepped into the wonderful world of Munchkinland?  That’s how I felt when I stepped onboard the Oasis.  No, I didn’t see lots of little people, but I did see a "land” that was beautiful to behold and jaw-dropping at every turn.  I had come across my own Emerald City that offered even more activity and excitement – without the Wicked Witch.  This ship had more "yellow brick roads” than you can imagine, each taking you to a different neighborhood with its own special amenities and a wealth of activity.


The accommodations were such that even Glenda the Good Witch would envy, with two-story lofts, whirlpool tubs, flat screen TVs, wrap-around balconies, and views to the best entertainment at sea.


Performers were flying through the air higher and faster than the Wicked Witch could soar, and dived into a shimmering pool – something that the witch certainly shied away from, given her fear of water…That would probably keep her from the two onboard surfing areas as well, even though she would be able to take surfing lessons if she wanted to.


When Dorothy reached for the apple from the apple tree, the tree grabbed the apple and slapped her hand.  No fear of that happening onboard when you’re reaching for food at any one of the 19 dining venues.  In fact, it’s difficult to get to them all in one week, so you have to make a point to come back onboard.  Anything from sushi to steak to incredible Italian cuisine; and then there are the desserts. Impeccable service is delivered at every turn.


If Dorothy could only have taken advantage of the new Interactive Boards on every deck of the Oasis, she wouldn’t have gotten into trouble so many times.  The Board gives you information on where you are, where entertainment, activity and dining venues are, where rooms are and will map your course to get you there!  It will even give you wait times for any of the dining venues.


The poor, poor Wicked Witch of the West – if only she had tried out the new Vitality Spa and Fitness area, she wouldn’t have been so jealous of Dorothy.  She could have evened out that disgusting green skin tone, had her hair done so she could ditch the hat, and enjoyed a nice manicure and pedicure.  Then she could have gone shopping in one of the many upscale shops, looking for something other than that drab basic black that everyone’s already seen her in.  And the Tin Man could have consistently been a well-oiled machine.


The night life onboard the Oasis is teeming with great talent – Comedy clubs, jazz clubs, singles spots – speaking of lounges, there are 24 of them onboard.  There’s the Broadway production of "Hairspray” in the Opal Theatre, and a fabulous ice show as well – no crystal ball needed here to find a fun place to be – it’s all over the ship.


The Adventure Club for kids ages 3-17 is teeming with activity to keep anyone from getting bored.  Video arcade games, teen lounges, age-specific activities make this area fun for all.  Even the winged monkeys would have enjoyed the time away from the Wicked Witch in a place like this.


During the day, people can enjoy the activities in the Sports Neighborhood – The Cowardly Lion might just get up enough courage to try out the first zip line at sea, or the 43 foot high rock walls.  For a more sedate adventure, he can challenge someone to miniature golf, or ride on the first Carousel at Sea.  Rumor has it, though, that he loves the salon, too.


If you’re not into fun in the sun, there’s the strategy of black jack or roulette in the Casino Royale, or Trivia games that the Scarecrow would be tops in – he’ll probably also want to take in some of the historical publications in the ship’s vast library, or e-mail Auntie Em to tell her just what she’s missing in the internet café.


Let’s not forget about Toto – there’s a Pets at Sea program where Dorothy can make a stuffed animal to bring back to him – complete with outfits!


The witch’s guards and winged warriors can take some time off and talk war stories while enjoying the rising tide bar – a 32 passenger bar that moves up and down three decks.  No sense in chasing Dorothy – where could she go, anyway???


Time to get ready for the big parade at the Royal Promenade – everyone will be there, greeting talented performers in their colorful costumes.  Afterward, we’ll take a stroll in the Central Park neighborhood and enjoy the thousands of plants in the park.  Dorothy, you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore...


The next time you want to visit this Wizard, call your Personal Cruise Expert at Cruise Holidays.