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2011: It’s Time to Dream!
Sometimes before we can look forward, it’s appropriate to look back. It seems like every year the cruise industry just gets more exciting and has more to offer, and 2010 was certainly no exception.
For example, the variety of restaurants aboard cruise ships continues to grow. Menu options expand and guests are being treated to unique experiences, right down to making their own guacamole, or watching world-class chefs prepare meals in open kitchens.
There are even new types of staterooms, like smaller, affordable staterooms for singles all the way up to deluxe, multi-level suites for families. When it comes to these impressive accommodations, it seems the sky is the limit and we will continue to see more and more by way of innovation and creature comforts.
Of course, entertainment options and other amenities continue to grow as well. The competition is heated when it comes to developing more lavish spas at sea, complete with indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, hydro-therapy pools and even entire wings of the cruise ship developed for not only visiting the spa, but enjoying a stateroom essentially on the premises.
There’s no way to predict what will happen a decade from now, but we have a fairly clear picture of what is new for cruise travel in the coming year.
As previously mentioned, Disney’s new ship is a headline-grabber this month, but there is much more in store this year. Oceania Cruises will launch Marina later this month, then hold inaugural activities in Miami in early February. Heading into spring and early summer, the industry will be busy with the introduction of new ships, including those from several respected river cruise lines, AMAWaterways, Avalon Waterways and Viking River Cruises. Plus, Carnival Cruise Lines will unveil Magic, and those who favor a smaller ship may want to learn more about Seabourn Cruise Line’s Quest, also due out around that time. This summer, Celebrity adds Silhouette to its fleet in Europe, and then the ship crosses the Atlantic to delight passengers in the Caribbean later this fall.
Don’t forget that cruise lines are continuously updating their older ships to make sure they are able to fulfill your travel wishes as well. Ships that are more than a few years old are often re-fitted with the most popular features of the newer ships, making them quite desirable and sometimes even more affordable.
One thing that won’t be changing in 2011 is our commitment to you. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail. After all, like ships, there are no questions too big or too small! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2011!