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Cruising Europe: Better than Ever


London, Paris, Rome and so much more: the great cities and sights of Europe await not only land-based tourists, but cruise passengers as well.

Several cruise lines have added ships to their European fleets for a simple reason: to meet the growing interest in cruising to the legendary cities of the continent, as well as smaller, emerging ports. The greater number of ships helps ensure that European cruises remain an excellent value for your vacation dollars.

With more ships deployed in Europe, passengers now have a wider array of sizes and styles to choose from. Whether you prefer to sail on an intimate luxury yacht or a large ship with the latest amenities, Cruise Holidays can help you find a European cruise that suits your tastes.

As the number of ships sailing the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and other European waterways has increased, so has the variety of itineraries. You can cruise the coast of Spain, the French Riviera, and either coast of Italy; sail between the islands of Greece; call on emerging ports in Turkey and Croatia; or see the capital cities of Scandinavia, including Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki.

With relatively short distances between ports, European cruise ships often sail overnight and dock early in the morning, providing entire days for sightseeing and touring on land. In addition, some cruise lines have extended their seasons so that European cruises are available any time of year.

European cruises offer all of the convenience that makes cruising anywhere such an easy and relaxing type of vacation. You can unpack just once, with no need to spend time unpacking and repacking at every stop. Between stops, you’ll cruise in comfort, whether you choose to socialize in the ship’s common areas or relax in your private accommodations. With on-board dining and entertainment, you won’t need to spend time wondering where to eat or planning how to get where you want to go.

While choice in European cruises is better than ever, so is their value. Exchange rates make paying for a European cruise in U.S. dollars more economical than paying Euro- or British pound-based fees for accommodations and meals on land. Let Cruise Holidays help you choose a cruise that will make the most of your budget and meet all of your expectations for a fabulous European vacation.