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There are typically four basic stateroom options. Each cruise line then categorizes (which can get quite extensive) each of the options, but to keep it simple here are the basic four - ask your Cruise Holidays travel expert to further describe the categories based on the cruise line you've selected.



     Staterooms are nicely appointed, however space is limited. There is no outside view or


 Oceanview (or Outside)

      Features a picture window or porthole, providing added ambience and views.


     Staterooms offer the elegance of a balcony with patio furniture.


      Depending on the cruise line, suites can be very spacious ranging anywhere from 1,000 to

      9,000 square feet, ideal for families and/or a group of friends sailing together.


*Staterooms for those physically disabled are also available; ask your Cruise Holidays travel expert for further details.