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Explore More of Europe on a Cruisetour

Many travelers are surprised to learn how much of Europe can be seen via cruise ship. There are marvelous port cities along the Mediterranean Sea, such as Barcelona, Nice and Rome; and along the North and Baltic Seas, including Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Any European cruise is special, but there’s a simple way to make it unforgettable: instead of simply cruising, embark on a cruisetour. A cruisetour combines a cruise with a land-based tour. The tour portion provides the same level of ease and convenience as a cruise, with hotel reservations, luggage transfers and many activities planned for you in advance.

Even better, the tour portion of a cruisetour gives you time and opportunity to explore cities and sights that are not accessible to a cruise ship. By choosing a cruisetour, you’ll give yourself the gift of a more complete European vacation experience.

There are some very practical benefits to a European cruisetour, too. Enjoying a tour before you cruise will give you a chance to cure any jet lag and adjust to the time difference well before you board the ship. You’ll have the opportunity to see more of the European countryside, gaining a better understanding of the local people and culture. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet some of your fellow passengers before you join the ship. In addition, you have some time on your own to explore attractions that interest you, to shop for keepsakes or to enjoy the local cuisine.

One example of a cruisetour takes you to S
tresa, a town on the shore of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy’s scenic Piedmont region for two nights; then one night in Verona, the historic Italian city that is the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; and some time to tour the romantic, canal-laced city of Venice prior to boarding the cruise ship.

A cruisetour is an ideal way to combine the relaxation of a European cruise with a memorable tour of a portion of this historic, timeless continent. To find out more about European cruisetour options, talk with us at Cruise Holidays.