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Cruise Myths Cleared Up

With millions of satisfied cruise customers out there, it seems impossible that misconceptions about cruises still exist – yet they do. This is an opportunity to address five of the most common myths about cruising.


Myth # 1. You’ll be bored because there’s nothing to do.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Depending on the ship, you can do most or all of the following: swim, sunbathe, exercise, enjoy a spa treatment, play games, socialize, dance, shop, see a show, watch a movie, attend a lecture, learn a skill, make crafts, tour the galley, climb a rock wall, work on your golf swing, ice skate, watch artisans at work – the list goes on. That’s to say nothing of touring the ports of call.


Myth #2. You’ll gain at least five pounds.
Cruise ship food is plentiful and delicious, so there is the potential to gain – but it’s far from guaranteed. If you participate in some of the activities mentioned above, you’ll burn calories in an enjoyable way. Also, every cruise ship has plenty of healthy dining choices. You could even come back a few pounds lighter than when you left.


Myth #3. Cruising is for seniors.
Cruising certainly is for seniors, but also for everyone else – kids with their parents, extended family groups, couples of all ages, singles alone, singles in groups, sports teams, club members, co-workers and more. Many cruise lines have special programs to keep kids engaged and help them make new friends on board. Some ships frequented by families also have "adults only" areas for quiet relaxation.


Myth #4. Cruises are too expensive.
If you consider all the costs of land-based vacations – transport, lodging, food and entertainment – you’ll find that cruising is a terrific value. The nearly all-inclusive price also makes it easy to budget and save for a cruise vacation.
Myth #5. You’ll spend the whole time being seasick.
Today’s cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers that minimize the rolling effect of ocean waves. Even if you are prone to motion sickness, you may not be bothered at all. However, it’s wise to have some preventive medicine – anti-motion sickness pills, patches or bracelets – on hand if you need a little help getting your sea legs.


But, don’t take my word for all this. Ask someone who has been on a cruise recently. Better yet, try cruising for yourself! Talk with a personal cruise expert at Cruise Holidays to schedule a myth-busting vacation.