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One of the most common questions I am asked is "what is the advantage of booking a P and O select Fare which appears more expensive than the cheaper Saver and Early Saver Fares?".  Well the first thing I would say is that although the price of a saver type fare may be lower at first glance it is wrong to assume that you will necessarily save money.  Now I appreciate that may sound odd but you will often find that by selecting your benefits wisely booking a P and O Cruises Select fare you may find you will save money.  So let me explain how this can happen.


The first difference between the Saver Fare and the Select Fare is that the Saver Fare is what is commonly called a Guarantee Cabin.  This means that you have no say over which cabin you have or your position on the ship.  This is great if you have no real concern about where you are on the ship, because your stateroom will be allocated to you by P and O Cruises.  Often you will not know your stateroom number until just before your holiday.  However with a Select fare you will have the benefit of being able to select your cabin and you have the peace of mind knowing where you are on the ship.  This is particularly helpful for those guests with restricted walking ability.


The next difference between the two types of fare is that as a Select Fare guest you have the choice of dining times.  So you will be able to choose between Early and Late Sittings or Freedom Dining option, whereas Saver Fare guests are allocated the dining time with no option to request a preferred dining time or freedom option. 


One of the things that makes a Select Fare particularly good value is that if you are the type of guest who loves exploring the destinations for yourself, you will be able to take advantage of a shuttle bus (where available).  This is free to Select Price guests whereas Saver Fare guests have to pay for the service. 


Another thing that makes a Select Fare particularly Good Value is the choice of benefits.  Ordinarily on a sailing from Southampton you will have a choice of one benefit from 3.  These are you can choose from an amount of On Board Spending Money, which can be used on anything on board so you can put it towards a drinks package, spa treatments, excursions, or a meal in one of the speciality dining venues.  The choice is yours.  Another option is that you may choose a free coach from near your home to Southampton.  This is particularly good for any guests who live a good distance from Southampton.  The coaches will get you to the ship in plenty of time.  So you will have peace of mind. The 3rd option is particularly good value if you wish to drive yourself to Southampton is the option to take advantage of free car parking at the Port.  These benefits often outweigh the difference in price of the Saver Fares and can make the Select Fare a better value option for many P and O guests. 


So whilst at first glance the Saver fare is cheaper it is often the case that the Select Fare may prove better value for money for many guests.