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Ten Things You Must Do


Harmony of the Seas


Jon Fletcher


I was lucky enough to be invited by Royal Caribbean to join the Harmony of the Seas on her inaugural sailing.  As a bit of a cruise ship geek, I was excited.  We would be among her very first guests and my partner's Guide Dog, Bruno, would be the very first assistance dog on what was then the biggest cruise ship in the World. 


You could not help but be impressed by the sheer size of the ship, but, for me what was even more impressive was the amazing choice of things guests can do.  It was mind blowing.  It is perfectly possible to take a cruise on Harmony of the Seas and find yourself to busy having fun on board to get off and explore the ports of call.


So here are my 10 must do things to enjoy on Harmony of the Seas.





Thrill seekers will absolutely love this slide.  It is an experience that is going to get the adrenaline pumping, for even the most hardened white knuckle thrill seeker. The slide takes you from the top deck of the ship to the Boardwalk 10 decks below.  The 72 metre ride will take you through twists and turns that generate some amazing thrills and often some excited screams and leaves you breathless as you emerge from the slide's tube.



If you are a lover of cocktails, then the Bionic Bar is an absolute must.  You choose your cocktail, order it and then watch the robot create your perfect cocktail.  I warn you it can be mesmerising watching the Robotic bar tender mix the cocktails.  it is a very popular attraction so you may have to wait for your turn, but well worth it.



One of the great things about cruise holidays is that in general your entertainment is included in the price of your holiday.  Cruise Lines are becoming more and more competitive with their range of entertainment, but no other cruise line has anything quite like Aqua Theatre. 


The Aqua Theatre shows are a spectacular blend of top class divers doing spectacular dives and elegant synchronised swimming routines, with great music and light shows that you will not want to miss. So book your seats early.



Have you ever sat on a beach and watched the cool kids surfing?  I know I have!  The Flowrider is your chance to learn how to be one of the cool surfer dudes.  The flow rider is one of the most popular features that appears on all the Royal Caribbean Ships.  What is great is that the Flowrider is not just for the kids and not just for the experienced surfer.  Everyone can have a go and everyone can learn how to surf.



One of the great things about Harmony of the Seas is the wide choice of restaurants.  One of the most spectacular of the Speciality restaurants is Wonderland.  The moment you walk through the door, you realise that this is no usual speciality restaurant, but is more accurately described as an avant garde dining experience. 


Your experience starts from the moment you enter Wonderland and are struck by the stunning sophisticated fairytale like décor.  You will enjoy fairytale inspired cocktails and exquisite avant garde cuisine that will truly amaze you.  There is a reasonable cover charge to dine in Wonderland, but in my opinion it is well worth it.



On deck 5you will find the Vitality Spa, it is a real tranquil spot where you can relax and wind down.  You can enjoy a wide range of beauty and massage treatments or just relax in the sauna or steam room and ladies can enjoy being pampered by top notch stylists and therapists using the best products. 



One of the unique features of the Oasis class of Royal Caribbean ships are the neighbourhoods and probably the most unique among these neighbourhoods are the Central Parks. Who would believe a cruise ship could have a real garden, with real flowers and trees.  You really can take a stroll in the park on Harmony of the Seas.  It is a great place to have a pre dinner stroll.



The Royal Theatre is one of the largest theatres at sea and plays host to Broadway musicals and cabaret style shows.  The shows in the Royal Theatre are extremely popular and on busy cruises it is well worth booking theatre shows early. 



Another great experience for the thrill seeker is the Zip Wire from one side of the ship to the other

high above the Boardwalk. If you have the courage to open your eyes, you will be guaranteed some pretty spectacular views of the ship and out to sea. 



Harmony of the Seas is great for all the family.  It is great to have family time, but as any parent knows, the kids don't always want the oldies tied to them!  One of the great things about Harmony of the Seas is that the youngsters are really well looked after.  Harmony of the Seas has a great youth programme that caters for all the different age ranges, from tots and toddlers right through to the teenagers. 


There are different clubs for each age group.  There is a creche for the babies and tots up to 3 years old, called Royal Babies and Tots.  The creche is hosted by trained child care professionals and you can relax and do your own thing knowing your little ones are safe. 


Kids from 3 to 5 years have a fun play facility called Aquanauts where they can romp and play.

Kids from 6 to 8 will love the Explorers and kids from 8 to 11 will be thrilled with the Voyagers.  All led by experienced and qualified staff.


Teenagers love doing their own thing and hanging out with their new friends.  So they can enjoy activities such as dancing in their very own nightclub, computer game tournaments, rock climbing, plus loads more.  What is great is that there are two clubs for the teens.  One for the younger teens from 12 to 14 years of age and one for the older teens 15 to 17 years old.


So Mums and Dads be warned the kids may desert you and leave you to your own devices!


These are just 10 of the great things you can do on Harmony of the Seas.  it really does have something for every member of the family.  I am sure you will have a great time on this ship and find your own favourite things to do.