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Fred Olsen Cruise Line is well known for it's value for money reputation.  But just how good is it's very popular drinks package?  What does it include and what are the benefits you can expect?


Recently I sailed with Fred Olsen on a cruise around Ireland and I chose to opt for a drinks package.  The first thing I like about the Fred Olsen Cruise Line Drinks Package is that it is very reasonably priced at £19 per person per day, like all the major cruise lines all guests in the cabin must take the package if one guest in the cabin wants it.  So for a couple sharing a cabin it will equate to a total cost of £38, which is lower for a couple than most cruise lines charge for a single person. 


So let's take a look at what you would get and where you can use your drinks package benefits.


First of all let us look at what you can enjoy on your drinks package in the bars on Fred Olsen Ships.  The first thing you will be able to enjoy is fountain sodas and soft drinks on tap.  This is great if you just fancy a soft drink by the pool.  You have a choice of 9 wines, 3 red, 3 white and 3 rose wines by the glass.  I have to say I was very impressed by the choice and quality of these wines.  in addition you can choose a selected Cava.  I have to admit I was not particularly enamoured by the Cava, but it is there for any Cava lovers.  There is a selection of branded beers in both cans and on draught, these included on my cruise Boddingtons and for those who like their ales you can enjoy a can of Spitfire. There is also a selection of non branded spirits which I found to be of good quality and very enjoyable.  You also can enjoy a non branded Irish Cream.  On the cruise we were on a Cocktail of the Day was included in the package.  


If you like a drink with your meal, then you will be pleased to hear that you can enjoy a selection of soft drinks, mineral / spring water and juices by the glass.  You also have a choice 9 good house wines, 3 red, 3 rose and 3 white.  If you prefer a beer with your meal then you can enjoy a selection of branded canned beers.   Plus you can enjoy a regular tea or coffee after your meal. 


So what happens if you fancy a branded premium drinks for a change?  Well if you want a branded premium beer, or spirit then you can, you will enjoy a 50% discount.  If you want to treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine with your lunch or dinner you will have a fantastic selection to choose from, I particularly enjoyed a very good bottle of Pouilly Fume made even better by a 50% discount. Champagne amd Sparkling Wines are not included in this discount.  However cocktails, and bottled water are included in the 50% discount.


So do I think the Fred Olsen Drinks package is  value for money?  I certainly think it is one of the best value for money drinks packages being offered by a cruise line.  I think the fact it is realistically priced and it offers great choice makes this package great value for money.  I would advise anyone booking a Fred Olsen Cruise to consider booking this package too.