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Cruises in the 21st Century are amzing holidays for families.  Few holidays offer kids as much adventure and activity as a cruise.  Norwegian Cruise Line have been at the forefront of catering for all the family and their ships are a great opportunity for families to spend time together and have fun.  So here are 5 fun free things to do with your kids on a Norwegian Cruise Line Ship.  Sea days on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship can be a lot of fun for all the family.


1.  Ice cream tasting

Kids always love ice cream.  On Norwegian Cruise Line the buffet restaurants have an amazing array of Ice cream Flavours.  So why not get a scoop of each and challenge your family to vote on and decide your families favourite flavour.  I bet the adults will enjoy it as much as the kids will!


2. Water Slide Race

Norwegian Cruise Line are well known for their water parks and slides on their ships.  So why not challenge your kids to a water slide race and see who can do the waterslide in the quickest time. 


3. Take in a Musical or Show

Norwegian Cruise Line are famed for their shows and entertainment.  Kids always love theatre musicals and shows.  The chances are there will be a musical your whole family will love and guess which of the family will start singing the songs first.


4.  Photo Competition

Most kids these days take their phones on holiday with them so why not challenge them to take their best shot at photography.  You could even set a theme like taking photos with their favourite crew members. 


5. Penalty Shoot Out

Take the kids up to the sports courts and challenge them to a penalty shoot out.  Dad is the goalkeeper and the kids take it in turns to score a goal against Dad and whoever scores most goals gets a free ice cream. 


So there we have it.  5 free things to do with uour kids on a Norwegian Cruise Line Ship!