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The French Riviera is probably the most glamourous stretch of coast in Europe if not the World.  A destination that has attracted the rich and fanous for over a century.  Nice is of ten regarded as the undisputed Capital of the Cote D'Azure.  It is a perfect base from which to explore the nearby glamour spots and to get a taste of Provence.


Old Nice (Vieux Nice)


if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Nice Beaches and Promenade, then do not despair.  Within a short walk you can be exploring the quieter part of this great city, the Vieux Nice, better known as the old town.  You can wander through the winding alleys of pastel coloured buildings.  You will find some fantastic small bars, cafes and great little  boutiques.


Promenade des Anglais


The most famous promenade and beach in Nice is the Promenade Anglais, the name literally means The English Promenade and refers to the fact that it was a popular hangout for the English Aristocrats and Royalty in the Victorian and Edwardian Eras.  This is the where the "beautiful people" are supposed to get their tans sunbathing on the beach.  But beware if you sit on a deck chair or lie on a sunlounger it could cost you a fortune.  So make sure you do your sunbathing on one of the public beaches and not on one of Luxury Hotel Beachfronts.


Grasse and Eze


A bus ride through some stunning Provencal countryside will bring you to the world centre of the Perfume industry, the town of Grasse.  The vast majority of the world's famous designer perfumes are designed, created and manufactured by a handful of Perfume Houses, the most famous of which are Fragonard and Galimard.  They will happily take you on a tour of their workshops.  At the end of your tour you can buy your favourite fragrance at bargain prices.  You will notice the perfumes do not come in the usual fancy bottles and under a different name. Do not worry they are the genuine article, but you are not paying for branding or a fancy name.


Alternatively you can take a bus along the coastline to the cliff top village Eze.  The village is perched on top of a cliff top promontory looking out to sea.  The village is reputedly the inspiration for Nietzche's famous story, Also Sprach Zarathrustra.  Its winding alleys and squares are a joy to explore.  However it is worth visiting the Fragonard Outlet on the outskirts of the village. 


Did you know a perfume designer is called a nose and they are paid as much as many of the top film stars.  But there is one drawback. They sign a contract that bars them from smoking, drinking alcohol or eating spicy food?


Monaco and Monte Carlo


The fastest way to visit Monaco is to hop on the coastal train to the Principality.  One of the first things many visitors do is call in to get their passport stamped at the Maire (Town Hall).  Other great things to do in Monaco is to go around the Grand Prix Circuit, you can hire someone to drive you around in a sports car.  You can also visit the original Monte Carlo Casino, many a fortune has been won and lost within it's gaming rooms.  Did you know that no one in Monaco pays tax? Everything is paid for by the profits of the Casino!!!!  A visit to the Royal Palace is a must.  It is very kitch.  However for me a visit to the Monaco Chocolatier is essential.


Nice's Art Galleries


Nice has attracted some of the most famous artists.  Among them are Matisse and Marc Chag