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5 Great Reasons to Choose a River Cruise


Jon Fletcher

1.  No Sea Sickness.
Because inland waterways such as rivers and cruises are generally calm waters you will be unlikely to suffer from sea sickness.  So a river cruise is often a good option for poor sailors.  You can enjoy many of the same benefits that you would get on an ocean cruise but without the the queasy tummy. However if you do suffer from seasickness I would advise not having a cabin close to the engines.

2.   Small & Friendly.
Because of the nature of River Cruising the ships are small and only carry a few guests in comparison to the ocean going cruise ships.  So you soon get to know your fellow guests quite quickly and there tends to be a camaraderie you rarely find on ocean cruises.  You will also find the level of service remarkably high also, as the crew soon get to know guests.  So don't be surprised if your barman soon remembers your favourite tipple.

3. Right in the Heart of the Action.
One of the big advantages of a river cruise is that moorings are nearly always right in the centre of a town or village so you can step right off the boat and be right in the heart of the action.  You can take a stroll around your ports of call and really get to know the town or village.

4.   Included Excursions
If you are taking a 4 or 5 star river cruise you will enjoy the benefit of included excursions.  These tend to be either guided walks in small groups with local guides, who will give you an insider's view of the town or village and highlight the history, or coach excursions to neighbouring towns or a city tour.  This can take the hassle out of exploring on your own and missing the highlights.  It also saves you buying expensive shore excursions.

5.    Included Drinks at Mealtimes.
Most 4 and 5 star river cruises now include beer, wine and soft drinks with meals.  This can cut your holiday spending down substantially and also makes your meals more enjoyable for knowing you have no expensive dinner wine bill to pay. 

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