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Welcome to Cruise Holidays UK


Introducing Jon Fletcher, your Personal Cruise Expert.


Cruising is the perfect way to see the world. Let us help you to discover the delights of cruising, save you time finding your ideal cruise and enjoy your well earned holiday.


Whether you are a first time cruiser, a seasoned traveller with your family or travelling solo there will be a cruise for you. Our website is jam-packed with amazing deals and our experienced team are just a phone call away should you require further information.


Jon Fletcher

(0161) 408-2161



















Christmas on the Danube


Gems of Northern Italy 

Australia and New Zealand


 Celebrate christmas in a whole new way - on board the festively decorated Amadeus cruise ship.

enjoy the Christmas stories, decorating the Christmas tree, and a joyous celebration of Christmas Eve on board. On this day, the restaurant will prepare a special gourmet dinner , after which you will have the option of attending a traditional midnight mass. 


Uncover the extraordinary hidden treasures of Venice and Northern Italy.

Encounter unforgettable sights on this odyssey through Northern Italy that begins in Milan, home to Da Vinci's The Last Supper, and ends in legendary Venice, the "Queen of the Adriatic." These two iconic cities bookend an exploration of Northern Italy that reads the curious traveller with amazing experiences in Verona, Padua, Bologna and Ferrara.


In Australia and New Zealand, discovery awaits you at every turn, from their wildlife and sea life urban life and everything inbetween. Say g'day to a koala. Gaze at the Sydney Opera House, an architectural marvel of the 20th century. Witness the unspoiled beauty of the South Island's waterfalls and fjords. Explore the artistic and cultural legacy of the Aboriginal and Maori peoples and leave with a deeper understanding and a memento or two on your Australia and New Zealand cruise.



6nts - 22/Dec/2019

Prices From £1,389pp

Solo from £1,549



10nts - 12/Apr/2019

Prices From £2,169pp




10nts - 01/Dec/2019
Prices From £1,599pp













Mediterranean Winter  

Caribbean Explorer


Dubai and The Emirates 


Discover the many riches of 

the Mediterranean, from 

ancient monuments, inspiring

art and sophisticated cuisine

to historic cities, lush 

landscapes and beautiful 

beaches. You’ll encounter

some of the world’s most 

influential cultures and 

return home with a 

treasure trove of marvellous

memories. Cruising the 

Mediterranean with MSC 

Cruises means coming 

within reach of the best in culture, tradition and 

monuments that have for 


enriched its shores

*1 Night pre-cruise and 1 night post-cruise in Genoa* 


*Flights included from London*



There is no doubt that the Caribbean has always been

one of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations

in the world, a dreamland for every tourist looking to relax in magnificent settings 

surrounded by long stretches of white sandy beaches, palm trees, exotic fruit, coral reefs bustling with multi-coloured fish and a turquoise sea. 

*Premium drinks included and London flights*


The destination evokes oriental fascination, landscapes set between the turquoise sea and the warm sands of the dessert, at the ubiquitous colors of South India that radiate with a life of their own. 

Where once there was just dessert, today we find the tallest buildings in the world, the most luxurious hotels and the boldest of architecture that coexists with the historic palaces and the remnants of the long and rich Arab history.

*Premium drinks included and London flights*



13nts - 8/Feb/2019
 Prices from £529pp


7nts- 19/Oct/2019

Prices from £1,619pp

    7nts - 18/Jan/2020
From only £1,099pp